Our Pastor

Pastor Dennis W. Koch (pronounced “coke”) was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a lifelong Lutheran and, while growing up he and his family lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Colorado. He graduated from high school in Oklahoma and then received a B.A. in history from the University of Colorado in Boulder. After graduation, he worked in various businesses in Colorado and eventually returned to the Pittsburgh area to work in the family business.

He met his wife, Linda, in the same church he attended as a young boy. They were married in August 1988 and are the very proud parents of one son, Michael, who also resides in Florida.

While working in the family business, Pastor Dennis felt the strong, unmistakable call to ministry. He and his family moved to Columbus, Ohio where he attended Trinity Lutheran Seminary full-time. He received his Master of Divinity Degree in 1998 and was ordained into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He has served as a pastor in churches in Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, and Florida.

Pastor Dennis has a passion for God, family, preaching, teaching, outreach, visitation, and community.

Pastor's Children's Sermon