Good Shepherd Fellowship Hours Need Volunteers! 

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, renowned for the warmth and camaraderie of our after-church Fellowship Hours, would like to continue to have Fellowship Hours on Sundays. Because we have fallen on times of too few volunteers to work the counters and the kitchen, which resulted in hosting only one coffee hour between Sunday Services during January 2018, the Hospitality Committee is seeking volunteers to help with this beloved ministry. As ever, the harvest is many and the workers are few, so if you feel you are hearing the call to volunteer to help out, please do. Contact the church office to be directed to the proper folks.

We always need your assistance and would be glad to have it!

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SOCIAL MINISTRY COMMITTEE would like to know if congregational members need help with simple household tasks, like changing a hard to reach light bulb, lifting, and/or moving household items, repairing a dripping faucet or other routine household tasks. OR are you handy and willing to provide help to members? Whether you need help or can give it, please contact Lynn Bechdolt at or leave a message at 276-252-2960.

Our next Adopt-a-Highway road clean-up will be Saturday, June 17th, 2023 at 8:00 AM. We meet at the church.  If you have any questions, contact Linda Koch at or 386-589-4727.

Safety vests, gloves, trash bags, and pickers are provided. For any questions, contact Linda Koch at or 386-589-4727.



WANTED:  Ushers and Greeters for both services.  Call Tom  Stickler or Harv Johnson for details.

Maxine Whitcomb Funeral Service

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Saturday March 25th @ 10:00 AM

George Bendtsen passed away on April 25th.  The funeral service will be on Tuesday, May 9th at 11:00 AM.  Luncheon in Fellowship Hall following service.